Null- und Minergiehäuser
Flumroc AG administration building, Flums SG

​Renovation of Flumroc AG administration building to create a positive-energy structure

The Flumroc AG 1980s head office has been renovated to create a positive-energy building.

Offices, cafeteria and server room are now supplied with self-produced solar energy.

Dark, compact heat insulation was applied to the back of the building (north).

While the interior spaces and building services were renewed.


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Norman Foster Solar Award ‘PlusEnerieBauten’ and SolarPreis 2014

Commercial building, Schaffhauserstrasse 26, Zürich

Renovation of building envelope and WC facilities


The façade, roof and heating were replaced in this 1972 office building. Following the improvements to the heating equipment, energy demand has been reduced by about 70%.

The WC facilities were replaced in a second phase.

Alleestrasse Romanshorn TG

Positive-energy building with photovoltaic façade in the centre of Romanshorn



It has been possible to modernise this 1960s building so that it now produces more energy than it needs for hot water, heating, ventilation and household electricity.

The architectural integration of the photovoltaic modules into the building envelope, means that they can perform a dual function: in addition to producing energy, they also serve as protection against the weather.

There are 3 business premises on the ground floor.



European SolarPreis 2013 and Norman Foster Solar Award ‘PlusEnergieBauten’ Solar Prize 2013

Null- und Minergiehäuser

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