Apartment building on Seewadelstrasse,
Affoltern am Albis

New building with active glass façade

The new building in a central location in Affoltern am Albis is a compact three-storey residential building with attic. By building according to the Minergie-P-Eco standard, the residents of the fourteen apartments benefit from a building with ecological, sustainable materials and low levels of indoor radiation. The innovative solar energy-producing glass façade and the PV system on the roof make the building a positive energy house. Besides, the connectors for electric cars and the subsequent installation of a battery are prepared for the future.

Zero-energy and positive-energ
Apartment building on Hofwiesen- and Rothstrasse, Zürich

Renovation and expansion with active glass façade

In the heart of Zürich metropolitan area 6, a residential building is being built with a new kind of glass façade which also produces energy. So, for the first time, a façade system is being used to generate energy in the form of solar power and, what’s more, a façade that integrates perfectly with the building and with the inner city environment. A key feature of this new concept for Switzerland is the photovoltaic module (with monocrystalline cells), with its mat surface, for which different colours can be selected. The material manifestation certainly stands out from the plastered walls of the neighbouring buildings; but the discrete, grey/green shade makes sure that the new façade looks right in its environment. And this innovative glass façade delivers some convincing performance levels: in total, the façade and roof surfaces deliver so much solar energy that the annual balance is still in credit after supplying air conditioning, lighting and other applications in the 30 residential and office units, and it’s expected that just under one fifth of the energy produced will be a surplus for feeding into the ewz grid. The combination of PV systems on the roof and facades also helps to increase electricity production over the year and, especially, to extend the maximum returns from spring to autumn.


Publikumspreis Prixforix 2018 - Fassadenaward

Swiss Solar Prize 2017

Electricity galore
Null- und Minergiehäuser
Flumroc AG administration building, Flums SG

Renovation of Flumroc AG administration building to create a positive-energy structure


The Flumroc AG 1980s head office has been renovated to create a positive-energy building.

Offices, cafeteria and server room are now supplied with self-produced solar energy.

Dark, compact heat insulation was applied to the back of the building (north). While the interior spaces and building services were renewed.

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Norman Foster Solar Award PlusEnergyBuilding Solar Prize 2014

Null- und Minergiehäuser
Residential and commercial building in the Schonzone BS Feldbergstrasse, Basel

​Zero heating energy building in the Basel-Stadt Schonzone area



Thanks to the total renovation of two apartment buildings in the Basel-Stadt Schonzone area, it has been possible to reduce their heat demand (heating, hot water and domestic ventilation) by 100%. The building exceeds the 2000-Watt society requirements by 40%.

Extending the top floor and adding two new terraces overlooking the green interior courtyard has significantly improved living conditions.

The solar roof on the south side supplies more energy than is needed for heating and hot water.

Before the renovation, the ground plans of the two terraced houses were an exact mirror image of each other. By removing a stairwell and extending the top floor, it has been possible to gain additional living space.


Award: Swiss Solar Prize 2009 and Watt d'Or 2010

Alleestrasse apartment building, Romanshorn TG

Positive-energy building with photovoltaic façade in the centre of Romanshorn



It has been possible to modernise this 1960s building so that it now produces more energy than it needs for hot water, heating, ventilation and household electricity.

The architectural integration of the photovoltaic modules into the building envelope means that they can perform a dual function: in addition to producing energy, they also serve as protection against the weather.

The apartments have been brought into line with current residential requirements. And the addition of a lift with wheelchair access ensures easy access.



European Solar Prize 2013 and Norman Foster Solar Award PlusEnergyBuilding Solar Prize 2013

Null- und Minergiehäuser

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